[-$12,000] Mind Shift

The Job

We got our answer about the layoff rumors. Layoffs took place over three days where I work. Everyone was nervous, but there was nothing for us to do but keep working until we heard something one way or another. In the end, our floor was spared. We got the all-clear from the leadership on day three.       

I have to admit, I was disappointed to not be let go. I was checking my email incessantly – looking for a special meeting invitation. I’m jealous of the people who are already secure with their finances that got fat severance checks.  They’ve, in effect, been given months of paid vacation. I can only daydream about what I’d be doing if I were in that situation right now.

Anyway, during this past couple of weeks, I took a few mental health days off from work, because I really needed to. Since then, my mood, rather inexplicably, has improved. Nothing about my job has changed at all, except my attitude about it. For the past few days, I haven’t felt this crushing dread at going in to work. Now, I’m not backflipping and hula-hooping to work, but I just have felt…neutral…to even slightly positive. Things that used to upset me at work, now just feel like irritations. I REALLY hope this mind shift lasts for as long as possible.

Budget Killers

I’m not following a budget these days, so it shouldn’t be surprising that my money seems to disappear faster than I can earn it. I know! Bad blogger! Where did a bunch of it go this week?

Hair products:  I’ve recently (and painfully) confirmed that I have become allergic to my hair care products including one that used to be my absolute favorite. I’m having to rebuild what I can tolerate using with trial and error. Two ingredients that I strongly react to are unfortunately in almost everything. And there may be other allergens that I haven’t pinpointed yet. Buying and testing products will be blowing up my spending a bit for now. Ugh!

Supplements: I had to refresh my supply of supplements all at the same time, so that wasn’t cheap. But I should be set for the next two months.

Rent: We still haven’t found a fourth roommate to replace the one moving out. I had to pay higher rent to cover the empty room for October. Anyway, setting aside money for that, ate almost all of my most recent paycheck.

Student Loan Debt

Yes! I made a few hefty payments to bring the balance down to $12,000. I’m still on the track, but somehow it barely feels like I’m moving. Sigh.

“Life Fund” Savings

With the budget killers on the loose, I wasn’t able to add more money to my Life Fund. As of today, my Life Fund is still holding at $8,000.


“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW Archives)






  1. Tainted Tiara · October 4, 2019

    Wow, look at you go, girl! I really look forward to seeing posts from you because you’re DOING THAT THING. Your debt is nearly gone! Just 3 (short? long?) years ago, you still had nearly $100,000 worth of debt. You’ve weathered a lot of storms since then, and now you’re nearly there! Glad to hear you’ve had a reprieve from your own mindset so you can push through to the finish!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · October 6, 2019

      Omg, TT! That’s right! I’ve paid off six figures of student loan debt, not only total debt. Another milestone. 🙂


  2. StubbornMama · October 4, 2019

    I’m glad to hear that your mindset with work is somewhat better. I remember the days of complete hatred of my job and how it affected both my physical and my mental health. I hope you can find another roommate soon to alleviate the financial burden of the extra rent! BUT! You are still making great progress with your debt and inspiring me! My goal this week (I’m starting to go week to week) is to not use my credit card at all this week! Sounds silly I know but it will be a big accomplishment for me! With what I spent in groceries this week, I have no excuse to even look at fast food!! Working on hubby’s credit card at the moment. It has a balance of $260 so hoping to have it gone by the end of the month. I have a couple of things to sell off and all that money will be going to his balance. And cleaning out my house! I just want out from under our debt! Unfortunately, it will be a while! But I digress. Fingers crossed that this mindset lasts for you and you can plug through the next little bit until you reach your final goal! Rooting for you DDSW!!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · October 6, 2019

      Thank you, StubbornMama!
      Seeing my debt balance drop again is helping me with my motivation to hang onto my job these days, for sure.
      Best of luck on your credit card face off! 🙂


  3. Fiscally Fit Chica · October 4, 2019

    I’m so proud of you! Down to $12,000 from $140,000. Are you on track to pay it off next year? I also like the balance in your life fund. My husband and I are saving for a trip to Europe next year, so I know how important it is to balance fun with debt payoff. I’m also glad you took some mental health days for yourself!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · October 6, 2019

      Thank you! Yeah, that balance almost doesn’t feel real.
      If all goes really well, I have a shot at paying it off this year! But for now, I’m just taking things one week at a time.
      And welcome back to the blogging world! 🙂


  4. Maria · October 4, 2019

    A fat severance check would have been sooo nice! But a shift in your mind set about work is pretty darn helpful too.
    Maybe you just needed some time to learn the ropes? Whatever the reason, I’m so glad to hear work is at least ok for you these days. Makes everything so much easier.

    Sometimes life happens you know, higher rent, new hairproducts due to allergies etc. You’re stil making great progress financially! 12k in debt, 8k in your life fund, 10k in your emergency fund and pushing 180k in retirement savings! I understand you don’t want to do it, but isn’t it nice to know you could pay off your debt today and still have 6k left in cash?!

    Do you know if you now want to focus more on paying down the debt or increasing your life fund further? Or maybe some combo?


    • Double Debt Single Woman · October 6, 2019

      Hey Maria,

      Yeah, I think seeing my balance drop again may be playing a part in my shift in mindset. I have something to work toward again.
      My thinking on debt vs savings changes frequently, but recently I’ve made a decision that I think has settled it for now. So I’m going to keep paying down the debt instead of adding to the savings fund.

      Yeah, in theory, I could pay it off. I don’t think of my Emergency Fund as money I can spend, so I’ve never really thought about it that way. Pretty cool though!


  5. Isabella · October 4, 2019

    I am so glad about that mind shift at your job. Maybe you have arrived at a place where you know these people really don’t have true power over you. That translates to a confident, take-no-nonsense attitude. And maybe the fact that you are not that upset about being let go has something to do with it too. You are so close to the end with your debt pay-off. Keep on keeping on. You are almost there.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · October 6, 2019

      Hey Isabella,
      I’m sure those reasons, and others, are all playing a part. I’m going to ride the mind shift wave for as long as it lasts!
      I’m feeling better now that I get to see my balance dropping again!


  6. Drmaddog · October 4, 2019

    You are SOOOO CLOSE! In a couple of months it will be under $10K and when it is, it will disappear so quickly. You have done an amazingly difficult job and made a lot of sacrifices to get here, things that so many people won’t do. When that debt is gone and you are putting away to change your career, you’ll be running toward something instead of away, and I bet that will go quickly to. Hang in there, you are more than 90% of the way there!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · October 6, 2019

      Thanks! Yep, that’s the next milestone. Yes, I want to start running towards things instead of away. Being debt-free will help with that.


  7. Jen · October 4, 2019

    I follow your blog for about a year and am always happy to hear from you. You’re such an inspiration and so close to the finish line! 🙂
    Best wishes from Germany!


  8. C@thesingledollar · October 7, 2019

    as always, you are a massive inspiration. $12K and falling! And it’s so cool to think that you could literally pay it off tomorrow with your savings.

    I’m a little sorry you didn’t get let go 🙂 But also glad your mindset has changed to where it needs to be to stay content — you’re letting things roll off your back now, knowing that this is going to last a year at most. You can do it!


  9. No Debt But Love · October 7, 2019

    Stay strong💪🏼 Keep fighting on🥊💥🥊

    Liked by 1 person

  10. AW · October 12, 2019

    I’ve not been keeping up due to a few things in my own life. Last night and today I read all the posts to catch up on your story. Wow, just wow at the changes. You’ve made so much progress and so many changes. Excited for you that this chapter is coming to a close.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · October 16, 2019

      Thank you, AW. 🙂 Yeah, the road has been bumpy lately, but I’m still making progress. I hope things resolve for you as well.


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