[-$12,000] Mind Shift

The Job

We got our answer about the layoff rumors. Layoffs took place over three days where I work. Everyone was nervous, but there was nothing for us to do but keep working until we heard something one way or another. In the end, our floor was spared. We got the all-clear from the leadership on day three.        Read More

[-$64,900] Deficits & Daydreams

This is now the second month that I’ve paid less than my target bi-monthly payment amount. As I mentioned in this post, I have a mid-month payment that is required by my servicer, but I also have an end-of-month surplus payment that I use to pay extra on my loan. My end-of-month target payment has been $1,000. So far this year, I’ve managed to hit that  target, until recently. I’ve been having a long standing battle with overspending my budgeted allowance. It’s a battle that I’ve clearly been losing.  Read More

[$-92,864] I’m Back from My Vacation! The Good, the Bad and the Fallout


I’m baaaack!
And you missed me!  :heart:

Sorry for taking sooo long to reply to your comments. I was out of the country so I turned off apps, etc., to limit data usage. Thus, I was not getting notifications that there were comments. Duh!   I thought I’d literally bored you guys to death with my previous posts; or that no one had anything to say.  Boy was I wrong. Thanks for checking up on me.


My Vacation

The Good
I FINALLY did it. Read More