[-$99,029] My Gym Crawl Update 1

gym crawl 2

[My debt balance has increased since my last post because of unpaid accrued interest.]

Recently, I wrote about my desire to get into shape and drop fat while I drop debt. The first step was a “gym crawl” where I try out a few gyms over the course of a week with the goal of finding a place that I liked and that fit me. A couple of years ago, I tried joining a gym, but didn’t feel very welcomed, so I wanted to avoid that fate again.

So, what happened?

Well… I Read More

[-$98,992] Goodbye Six Figures of Debt!

love 90s 7

Woohoo! As of today, I am officially no longer in six figures of debt!

Current stats from my lender:
Balance: $98,992.21
Term Remaining on Debtor’s Prison Sentence: 4 years and 5 months 
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[-$100,885] A Ping from the Past – Hope Springs Eternal

woman and sky

A while back, I got an email from my 36-year old self.

(Years ago, I sent a message to my future self using a time-capsule email service.)

It read:  Read More

[-$101,100] Losing the Fat: A Gym Crawl and Other Aspirations

weight gain over 40

I made another payment toward my debt. I’m now down to $101,100. Woot! I’m within striking distance of breaking through that 6-figure marker! This time next month, mid July, should be when it finally happens. I…CAN’T…WAIT!  Finally I will feel like I’m making some progress. In the meantime, I toil away.

Unfortunately, my interest rate isn’t the only thing increasing. I’ve been gaining weight Read More

[-$103,000] A Quick Update – My Shortest Post Ever

sallie mae oodles

Is this why my food budget is out of control? For all this time, I’ve been buying and eating actual food. How did I not know about these rations?!  Sigh. Yet again, I didn’t do the research to learn about these options ahead of time. Mmmm. And it looks like there are other special flavors too – Resentment, Bitterness, and Despair!

Hmmm. So if you Read More

[-$103,834] Debt Regret: Dealing with the ‘What Ifs’

Debt Regret

(Debt) Regret

Regret: to feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity).

On this blog I write often (ok, all the time!)  about how much I regret my financial (mis)management and its resulting debt. Boy o boy do I regret it. And the feeling is constant. I can hear your eyes rolling. “Is she going on about this, again?!”  Yes. Yes, I am, but hear me out.

As I wrote about here, although I never Read More

[-$105,760] Spring Cleaning My Spending Plan

Spring cleaning my spending plan

Woohoo. Payday! I made another swing of the axe payment, which is always very satisfying.

As you well know, I have a mountain of student loan debt, and that six-figure balance can feel overwhelming sometimes. One way that I tend to fight a feeling of overwhelm in other areas of my life is by getting organized.

When you have a lot of work to do or a major task/problem in front of you have you ever started cleaning your room or work space? Ok, maybe I’m weird. Maybe it’s a form of procrastination, but I think it helps me to unconsciously lay out and organize my work task mentally when I consciously layout and organize my immediate living space physically.

In any event, now with my credit card debt dead and buried, it’s time to take a fresh look at Read More

[-$107,000] The First Payment

matches- the first payment w

Kill it with fire!

My student loan refinance has gone through and the balance on my previous student loan servicer’s account is now $0.00!  I’ve logged in at least 4 times since that wonderful event, just to look at the zeros. Somehow I bet that it is normal to do that.:-)

I was worried that I would end up with my own crazy-making servicer payoff story when trying to get them out of my life forever. Unsurprisingly, they were super slow in processing the payoff check, probably to rack up the last bit of interest, but they didn’t try any other tricks. Goodbye old servicer!  *Waves goodbye*

Now that my student loan debt is situated in its new (servicer) abode, it’s time to burn said abode to the ground!

To adapt the Read More

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Rent: More Housing Problems

hidden costs of cheap rent

The Hidden Costs of Cheap Rent – That is the title of a book I wish I’d read a few years ago when I gave up my studio apartment and started renting rooms to save money. If such a book does exist, someone send me a copy. Or better yet, I’m probably ready to write that book myself now.

Unfortunately, it’s not at all uncommon for bad landlords to luck up on some cheap property and use that below market cheap rent as a way to control and manipulate the people who rent from them. They go on power trips and hold their ability to kick their tenants out over their heads if the tenants dare to make requests or say ‘no’ to anything.

As you may recall from this post, I talked about how my landlord had been acting even more oddly than Read More

[-$110,643.22] Why I Refinanced My Student Loans

woman balloon why i refinanced final

Yes, I decided to refinance my student loans.  Wait! Put down your pitchforks and hear me out!

  • Have I lost my mind?   Maybe…
  • What was I thinking?!   Well…  It seemed like a good idea at the time…

A Second Look at Student Loan Refinancing

You guys are great!  I appreciate your supportive comments and suggestions. Thanks to blonderbetterfasterstronger and reader Angie, for reminding me that refinancing may be an option for me after all. I’d read a number of complaints and stories online about applicants getting rejected left and right by these newer loan start-ups. I assumed that because of my high debt to income ratio, I would be unlikely to get the opportunity to refinance my student loan debt any time soon.

I decided to take a second look around to see if I qualified for anything. I requested rates from a few lenders that appear to have the best reputations in the marketplace for student loan refinancing. I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t outright rejected by any of them. I took a look at what they had to offer and decided to accept one.

That long list of loans that we’ve all come to know and hate since my last post will be going away soon. Read More