[-$65,348] Data Breach Edition

I’m feeling exhausted and in need of a break. Not just a break from work, but I also need a financial break. Like over 140 million Americans, I’m simultaneously infuriated and apathetic about the Equifax data breach. I’m furious that Equifax (and likely their competitors as well from what I’ve been reading) can be so lax in their data security.

On the other hand, I’m also numb and jaded given that I’ve already been affected by multiple large breaches already (university, state gov’t, retailers, data companies). My social security number has been compromised so many times, it doesn’t know which way is up anymore. And this Equifax data breach is the worst of all.

These organizations and corporations never appear to face any consequences. Needless to say there is something wrong with this. Companies that can profit from their own lax protocol and data handling will never have any incentive to do any better. They are like bad student loan servicers that misplace paperwork and neglect proper record keeping, then profit even more from the resulting slew of borrower defaults. Read More

[-$66,952] My Health Sinking Fund Has Sunk


Short post today, as things are hectic with work. I am looking forward to the long weekend!

Instead of my customary $1,000 payment at the end of the month, today I only put $700 towards the student loan. Why? Overspending in my budget. In particular, I’ve been spending a lot of money on health care. My health fund, which I funded at an unusually high $2.5k early this year, is already exhausted.

The bad news is that all of these tests and supplements are expensive. Thus, my health fund, a sinking fund, has sunk.  Read More

[-$67,520] Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Why do I make such large payments on my student loan debt? Because, for now at least, I can.

In the past month, I’ve dodged a bullet that would have raised my rent by over 50% (losing a new roommate because of discord in the house). So far the climate in the house is improving. I’m really hoping it continues.

I’ve always known, and written here, about how my cheap (for this area) rent will not last. At some point in the future, LL (landlord) will stop… landlording and we’ll all have to leave. When that happens, my rent will go up significantly as soon as I move anywhere else. So I must pay as much as I can now  toward this debt, while I have this cash flow. In other words, I have to make hay while the sun shines.  Read More

[-$69,127] Another Public Transit Rant

Source: funnypictureoftheday.net

If you look through the window, even the guy on the next train is like, “Really, chick?!”

The woman in the red shirt is just … over it. I can so empathize right now.  It’s time for another public transit rant.

I’ve written before about public transit. I am, of course, very grateful for the convenience, but I pay more than one price for it.  Here are some things that I deal with… If you also take public transit and recognize these things, feel free to sing along…

If you don’t take public transit, run outside and kiss your car right now. RIGHT NOW, I said!  LoL.

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[-$69,966] I’m in the 60’s! It’s Outta Sight!

A year ago today, I’d also reached another milestone. I’d just broken the six-figure debt barrier and had only $98,992 of debt at the time. That was cause for celebration. This, reaching the 60’s, is also something to celebrate. I hope this will mark a July milestone trend.

Current stats from my lender:

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[-$71,637] Are There Financial Benefits to Being ‘Single AF’?

It is safe to say that I am single AF, hence the title of this blog.
I know right?! Finally, truth in advertising!

All joking seriousness aside, it’s good to know that others in my situation are managing to find a faint silver lining to the cloud that is our sad lives…and that lining might be financial.

First, let’s face it. For those of us who are in debt, being single makes getting out of debt even more of a struggle. Couples simply have more money to throw at debt. They can lean on each other for financial security in the event of job loss, etc. Plus sharing a house / apartment  and living expenses with an SO or spouse provides a significant step up in quality of life vs. living with rando roommates. Need I go on? There are many, many financial advantages to being in a relationship.

There may also be, however, a few benefits to being single when paying off debt. Gasp! Did I just say that? Well, it depends on how you want to look at things.  Read More

[-$71,595] Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

I’ve decided to go back to making semi-monthly payments. Waiting an entire month to see my balance drop was feeling excruciatingly slow. I think this way will keep me more motivated.

Expenses are going up

Fireworks aren’t the only thing going up these days. Read More

[-$72,452] Student Loan Conqueror?

Hey Peeps!

Time seems to be flying by. I’ve been on an information diet for the last two weeks and feel a lot better. Really. If any world shaking event happens, I’ll hear about it from other people. Apart from that, I’m avoiding the news media for now.

Student Loan Conqueror!

Shout out to Liz @ Less Debt More Wine for featuring my story as a part of her Student Loan Conqueror series. It was fun to participate. If you have student loan debt, I’d encourage you to check out the other profiles and take advantage of the advice they’ve shared, as I have.   Read More

[-$75,003] Where Your Tax Dollar Went

Source: nationalpriorities.org

In my Being Single is Taxing post, I hoped that all the money being ripped ‘liberated’ from my paychecks was being spent wisely. I recently stumbled across this breakdown, which confirmed my fears.

According to Nationalpriorities.org, from every collected tax dollar we spend nearly 30 cents on health care, almost 24 cents on military/defense, but less than 4 cents on education and science (research and exploration) combined.  Read More

[-$74,897] BlogLines: “I Hate Having Roommates.”

This is the second post of my BlogLines series where I share quotes that I’ve collected from other blogs or websites that resonate with me around a topic or a ‘line’. This week’s theme… “I hate having roommates”.

[My first BlogLines post: “…and I have nothing to show for it.”]

I wish I could write in more detail about my housing situation, and I have had a few longstanding requests from you guys to do so, but can’t risk it because the people involved are 1) familiar with the internet and 2) capable of doing certain things like…reading. So, I’ll have to stick to generalities for a while longer.

First, let me clarify that I don’t hate my roommates as people, at all. I just hate having to live with roommates at this point in my life. I wish I could afford my own place. The fact that I may have to wait up to 3 more years to do that is depressing.

I’ll be the first to admit that when paying off debt, renting a room instead of having your own place can do wonders for your budget, but there are downsides to living with roommates in our thirties and beyond.  Read More