My First Setback of 2016 and a Job Non-update


After offering words of support to C@theSingleDollar about her recent run-in with Murphy’s Law, Murphy must have read my comment and decided to pay me a visit.

Just got a notice from my employer that I was overpaid on the disability benefit checks I received when I was on medical leave late last year to the tune of $750!  So I have to pay the money back asap. As the letter states, “We understand that the overpayment was out of your control, but we must work together to resolve the situation without delay.” In other words, it was their mistake, but it’s my problem now. Heh.

So I put the check in the mail yesterday, which thankfully, was payday. I had been waiting (not very) patiently and hoping to pay off the remainder of my credit card debt by the end of this month, but that won’t be happening now.

Between the minimum payment on the student loans and this new bill, my paycheck is about gone so I’ll have little progress to report two weeks into the new year. I managed to make a mini-payment to my credit card account. So my balance is down from $1,996 to $1,700.

It will likely be late February before I can finally start attacking this student loan debt. WTH!?!  I feel like my student loans are the undesirable version of a mirage of an oasis in the desert. It’s always appears to be just over the next dune but you never reach it. This is so frustrating!

Woman in Office Cubicle Daydreaming

And the “beater job” possibility that I mentioned a while back, is no more.  After six interviews the process still wasn’t over.  I took my name out of the hat for a number of reasons. Thanks to those who wrote in to share personal experiences and offer advice. I’m content to stay where I am for now while keeping an ear to the ground for other, better opportunities.


“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW)




  1. Howto$tuffYourPig · January 16, 2016

    What a bummer! You can just pick up where you left off on paying off your debt. Sounds like you are still making progress.


    • doubledebtsinglewoman · January 16, 2016

      Yes. Glacial progress is indeed still progress. I’m am just REALLY looking forward to tackling this student loan debt. ☺️

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  2. thesingledollar · January 16, 2016

    Jeez, that sucks! I have a friend who got overpaid recently too. I personally feel like it should be no takebacks, but I guess life isn’t fair like that.

    I’m glad you still made a small payment on the credit card though. You are measurably moving forward even if it doesn’t feel like it. Deep breaths and forward!


  3. Maria · January 17, 2016

    ” “We understand that the overpayment was out of your control, but we must work together to resolve the situation without delay.” In other words, it was their mistake, but it’s my problem now.” <—Heh,you nailed this. But ugh, how frustrating!


  4. Money Beagle · January 19, 2016

    That’s a bummer. Reminds me of one time when I got laid off but they kept paying me…for two montths! Only difference there was that I kept telling them about it and nobody fixed it. Finally, when they did, I was able to negotiate actually keeping a portion of it, which I guess took a tiny bit of the sting away from the whole thing!


    • doubledebtsinglewoman · January 19, 2016

      It’s good that you got to keep some of it. 👍. Situations like this remind me how much I need to start building up some savings.


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