Housing Jeopardy

Rent room jeopardy

Ahhh! Just when I thought things were going to settle down to a nice, uneventful 2016…

First, I’m stressed and distracted because of some drama at work. Basically, a team member is not doing his job and making me look bad in the process. We had a bit of a dust up (not physical!) on Friday and managers ended up getting involved. Yes, I’m being vague on purpose, sorry. Unfortunately, this is a high profile project with executive visibility. My reputation is important to me and I don’t want problems with this project to jeopardize my job. I’m trying to enjoy this weekend but it’s hard to relax. Next week will be tense. (Perhaps I need to start applying to other jobs in order to feel better about having options? … If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that, because of past events, job security is a sensitive issue for me.)

woman stressed at work

Second, I’m stressed and distracted because I’m also in another type of jeopardy – housing jeopardy.  The mental stability of my landlord is not completely alarming at this point, but it is becoming increasingly concerning.  Because of certain changes the landlord is pushing for us in the house (yes, I’m being vague on purpose), my housing situation and roommate dynamic will be changing in the near future and not for the better. One roommate is leaving in 2-3 months. Another might be leaving even sooner.  The third roommate and I want to stick it out as long as possible. Add to this that the landlord (LL) has recently made comments about only continuing to landlord for another year or so at max.


So, I may have, at most, a year left to stay where I am. I always knew that this rental situation was temporary, but now it is concrete that it could be ending sooner rather than later.  Moving anywhere to rent another room will raise my rent by 60-100% (I checked Craigslist), because what I have now is a super great deal.

Now I feel like I have been wasting time over the past 1.75 years that I’ve been here. I know I haven’t  been wasting time because I’ve been paying down credit card debt, but I don’t know… If I hadn’t gotten sick last year I could have made so much progress on the student loans. Now, just when I’m almost ready to FINALLY start attacking them, i’m dealing with housing and income instability.



This housing tension and work tension has lit a fire under my ass. Or I guess I’ve found my own bear. I can’t keep living like this. I have to make some headway to get this student loan debt down. NOW! I may not have access to (relatively) low living expenses for much longer and then it will be harder to gain any traction against this enormous education tab. My goal is to keep living here as long as I can tolerate and to focus on paying down this debt. The sooner I kill this student loan debt, the sooner I can stop feeling trapped. I can stop making decisions out of fear. To do this, I will need to make sacrifices.

What sacrifices am I talking about?

ONE. I am sacrificing 401(k) savings. Don’t freak out! I’m not touching my existing savings. I will also continue to contribute to my 401(k) up to the point of the employer match, but I won’t be investing beyond that. Too bad given that the stock market looks as though it will be on sale this year. Ha!

TWO. My already tiny Roth IRA contributions are stopped.

THREE. I have an Health Savings Account (HSA) of about 5k that I wanted to max out my contributions to this year. Nope. I will add enough money this year to make it equal the out-of-pocket maximum for my high deductible health insurance plan so that I’m covered in case of an accident or another illness. I will not contribute more than that this year.

FOUR.  I will start looking for a part time job / side hustle. It would have to be something I can do on the weekends. Given what happened the last time I worked a part time job, I worry about the impact of this on my health among other things, but I will look into it.

FIVE.  Find a way to lower my food budget. I’ve got room here to reduce my food budget (which has gotten out of hand over the past several months) by a good $200 per month if not more.

Beyond these things, I really don’t have much else to cut. Once I rid myself of this last bit of credit card debt, I can start preparing myself (again) for the next phase of debt battle. A new spending plan is on the way. Finally, it’s time to roll up my sleeves again!


“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW)


deniseR.I.P. DENISE



  1. Scott · February 21, 2016

    I have had two times(10 years apart) in my life when my career and financial situation were in great turmoil. In both cases I felt like everything was going wrong and the world was collapsing on top of me. I’m happy to report that in both cases things turned around and I now find myself in very good shape. I truly believe with your great attitude and effort you will also see much brighter days.

    Keep your head up, I’m rooting for you!


    • doubledebtsinglewoman · February 21, 2016

      Thanks, Scott!


    • doubledebtsinglewoman · February 21, 2016

      Glad to hear that things turned out well for you. There is hope! Yeah, one day I’ll look back at all of this and wonder why I let all the stress get to me. I’m not there yet, sigh, but I’m not giving up.


  2. Maria · February 21, 2016

    Ugh, work trouble sucks! When I’ve had that…it’s such a drain. If it makes you feel better I think it’s quite common. I mean, that’s one of the reasons people want to be debt free and retire isn’t it? :p

    I think your plan sounds good! You’re still saving for retirement byt contributing to your 401(k), you’ll make your HSA equal to what you would maximum have to pay out of your own pocket, you’re reducing your food budget, and you’re considering applying for other jobs. I would just urge you to not take on a part time job if you think it would impact your health negatively.

    And I remember one of your other post where you could see the progress you’ve made since late 2012. YOU HAVE MADE A LOT OF PROGRESS, even with health problems, job loss etc. You have not wasted time.

    It sounds like you’re pretty minimalist, so at least that will make both finding a place and moving easier I would think, when/if you’ll have to do it. But ish, it sucks when things are up in the air like that.

    I’m being vague too now, but some things in my life have been bothering me for a long time, and I’ve thought a lot about them and how to solve them. I’ve managed to improve them a little bit, and I have some ideas to solutions that might work somewhat at least (but not as well as I would like probably), but it will all take a long time and a lot of effort and that is in additon to all the time I’ve spend being negatively affected by them and tryng to improve them (and all my other problems aswell!).

    May the force be with us!


  3. doubledebtsinglewoman · February 21, 2016

    Thanks, Maria! Yes, I too am concerned about taking on another job given the stress that my current job puts me under. I need the entire weekend to relax and de-stress, at least those weekends that I’m not catching up on office work.

    Stress and overwork probably played at least some role in my illness last year, so I don’t want to make a little extra money only to end up with some health issue that takes the money back in medical expenses. My health is most important, even more important than paying this debt.

    I will look for opportunities but will be careful about my choices. Best of luck with making your own changes as well. 🙂


  4. cashedupcountess · February 21, 2016

    You still managed to keep your head above water debt wise whilst being ill


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