[-$20,200] New Job and New Financial Priorities

Woot! 😀   It feels good to see that balance dropping again!

I got my last regular paycheck today from my old job. Because of all of my recent job drama, I’d been holding on to my cash for the last month or so instead of paying down my debt. My new job doesn’t start for another week, but I threw the money at the debt today out of sheer impatience.

I’ve been told that I should get one more check for unused vacation hours accrued this year. That check will go to the debt too.          Read More

My First Setback of 2016 and a Job Non-update


After offering words of support to C@theSingleDollar about her recent run-in with Murphy’s Law, Murphy must have read my comment and decided to pay me a visit.

Just got a notice from my employer that I was overpaid on the disability benefit checks I received when I was on medical leave late last year to the tune of $750!  So I have to pay the money back asap. As the letter states, “We understand that the overpayment was out of your control, but we must work together to resolve the situation without delay.” In other words, it was their mistake, but it’s my problem now. Heh.

So I Read More

Taking an Undesirable “Beater Job” to Pay Off Debt Faster


beater carcp2

If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey and other personal finance writers you’ve heard of the value of driving a ‘beater car’ for getting out of debt.

What is a Beater Job?

When I talk about a ‘beater job’, I’m not talking about a side hustle or part-time work. I’m referring to a full-time, 9-to-5, ‘career job’.  If you’re in deep, massive, six-figure debt, like yours truly, you may find yourself having to decide how much your current job is really worth to your financial future. Should you jump into a not so great position just for more money to pay your debt faster?    Read More