[-$44,000] The Post Where DDSW Gets a Thick Envelope in the Mail

I knew when I set up my new spending plan that it was tight and didn’t leave much room for error. I even wrote in that post that hoping for 18 months of smooth sailing financially was a lot to ask for.

Welp, that didn’t last long! Yesterday, after a long busy week at work, I pulled a thick envelope out of the mailbox, and saw that it was addressed to me. This didn’t bode well. I looked at the sender and saw that it was my insurance company. Ugh. This was the bill from the medical tests I had done.

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My First Setback of 2016 and a Job Non-update


After offering words of support to C@theSingleDollar about her recent run-in with Murphy’s Law, Murphy must have read my comment and decided to pay me a visit.

Just got a notice from my employer that I was overpaid on the disability benefit checks I received when I was on medical leave late last year to the tune of $750!  So I have to pay the money back asap. As the letter states, “We understand that the overpayment was out of your control, but we must work together to resolve the situation without delay.” In other words, it was their mistake, but it’s my problem now. Heh.

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Medical Expenses are Dragging Me Back into Debt


health costs

Long time, no write.  I know  😦

I know the world has been curious about the machinations of ‘America’s Most Indebted Single Blogger’.  Ha! I’m pretty sure I don’t hold that crown actually, but it feels like it sometimes.

I’ve updated my numbers and as you can see I have fallen back into credit card debt. Why?  I have medical expenses not covered by my insurance and other expenses relating to my upcoming surgery. This debt may go up in the near future sadly. Doctors saw something in my pre-op scans that is potentially much more serious than Read More