Job Update: The Axe Fell Today…

At work, the axe fell today on our little satellite office…but I was spared.

Now that it’s all over, only about 5 of us are left on our little team. It was a bloodbath. All the people who sat near me for the last 1.75 years are gone. As people arrived and checked their emails for the morning, they announced to the rest of us that they had the dreaded meeting invite to meet with one of the visiting executives (and unbeknownst to them, an HR representative who had secretly flown in).

The handful of us who remain stood-by while, one-by-one, our colleagues had their exit meeting, received their severance package, packed up their cubicles, and prepared to leave. It was all done within a few hours, but it was still a few hours too many. It felt like forever. After hugs, tears, a few choice swear words, and contact info exchanges, they were gone.  The office was very quiet afterwards.

As I’ve said before on this blog, the only thing that likely saved me was the fact that I do a specialized type a work that the company is in short supply of right now. And because of the hiring freeze, they can’t replace me, for a little while at least. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad at my fate, though. Those who got laid off got pretty fat severance packages and most already had multiple interviews lined up with other companies.

Those of us who are left now have motivation to step up our job hunts. The place feels gutted and empty.

I feel so flat-footed after hearing that every one else is interviewing at multiple places already. It’s time to start sending out applications again. I have the cushion of having a job while I look. This whole situation just sucks because my co-workers were so great and now we’re scattered to the winds.

In the end, none of my predictions about what would happen at work panned out. Enough for now. I still have a job to go to tomorrow and I’m grateful for that…



  1. Maria · May 14, 2015

    Just wow. Look, I don’t have your life, but I think it’s a good thing you got to keep your job. You can save up cash for your emergency fund, and, as you say, have a cushion while you look for another job. As you know, it’s stressful being unemployed. At the same time, I really do hope you’ll do (or maybe not do is a better choice of words) what you can and must to rest and relax more. I remember you were talking about a low grade burn-out, and it’s just easier to deal with these things sooner rather than later. But alas, sometimes we’re caught between a rock and a hard place. I do hope not losing your job helps ease some stress.



  2. doubledebtsinglewoman · May 15, 2015

    Yes, having some closure does help. I can now save as much money as I can over the coming months.


  3. thesingledollar · May 15, 2015

    I agree with Maria — work’s going to kind of suck, and you should definitely be looking for another job, but it’s basically really great that you know what’s happening and you’ll still have a paycheck coming in while you look around for other stuff. You can save up as much as possible while you figure out what your next step is. I’ve been worrying about you, and I’m very glad you’re staying on for now.


    • doubledebtsinglewoman · May 16, 2015

      Yes, it is good to finally know something. The good news is that I get to keep working. The bad news is that I have to keep working. Ha. I could use a break right about now. Thanks for checking in.


  4. thesingledollar · May 15, 2015

    p.s. I’m really sorry about your cousin.


  5. Paul · May 16, 2015

    I am happy to read that you are spared this axe and hope you will surge ahead. In the UK I am seeing bank branches now with no windows where staff are available to talk to, just machines. Many of those staff probably had the same dreaded experience of “streamlining” after giving years of service.
    I don’t think your employers will carry out any more of these “restructurings” for at least two years, by which time you will be in a much stronger position.

    Good luck with things.


  6. ouestmonchat · June 18, 2015

    Hi, it’s been a while so just seeing how you’re doing? Hope all is well.


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