Job Update: The Axe Fell Today…

At work, the axe fell today on our little satellite office…but I was spared.

Now that it’s all over, only about 5 of us are left on our little team. It was a bloodbath. All the people who sat near me for the last 1.75 years are gone. As people arrived and checked their emails for the morning, they announced to the rest of us that they had the dreaded meeting invite to meet with one of the visiting executives (and unbeknownst to them, an HR representative who had secretly flown in).

The handful of us who remain stood-by while, Read More

Working and Waiting… and Worrying – Dealing with Job Insecurity

new cubicles
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As I’ve discussed here (1) and here (2), my employment situation has become precarious over recent weeks. This past week there were off-site closed door meetings for higher ups from my division to discuss ‘efficiency’. We (those of us in my division) suspect there will soon be a major re-organization WITHIN our division.

Those of us within our division who work in my satellite office are especially nervous, as signs continue to point to our office space going away. What will happen to our little group in this suspected re-org? We guesstimate that we should be hearing something official at the end of the month. This will likely give HR time to get paperwork together. It also coincides with a planned visit from our new director.  From what I’ve heard, executives here often Read More

I Got a Job!!!

new job

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I just got a job offer! It was the job I discussed earlier. So I called the recruiter last week. Surprisingly, he answered his phone and was pleasant. (I had a bad experience two months ago with a recruiter affiliated with another company who would not answer my phone calls or return them. Companies should really be careful with hiring poor external recruiters.) Anyway, that was not the case this time. He told me that discussions were ongoing, that I was the top candidate, and to wait. So I waited, and waited – until today!  That’s the good news!

The not so good news..

Hand, pen and blank document

The salary presented is lower than I was expecting – about $7k below the floor of my pay bracket based on comparable salaries for similar positions in the area. I mentioned this to the recruiter. He gave me a standard line about this being a fair offer based on my background and experience. His demeanor gave the impression that he was testing my reaction and that there was no room for negotiation.

I feel that I am being low-balled, but I have no leverage to negotiate. I’m unemployed and have no competing offers on the table from other companies. They know this. Undoubtedly, the company has a backup candidate who will take this job if I don’t. Granted they do offer good benefits and the “potential” for bonuses. (We all know that “potential” means that there probably won’t be any bonuses. Analogy:  Think of the “potential bonus” as the mechanical rabbit that slides along the rail at dog track races.  It’s a moving target that none of the poor dogs ever gets to catch.)  So, I’m over a barrel.  “Them’s the breaks.”

Once I see the full offer in writing and get more clarification over benefits, I’ll try to negotiate anyway. As long as my demeanor is appropriate, there should be no harm in asking.


In the meantime, I’m excited for this ordeal to be over. It’s only been three months for me, but I can’t bear the thought of sitting through one more interview. The pay may not be what I want, but it pays much better than unemployment. Once I have started the job (~2 weeks from now), I’ll post up a revised debt pay down budget. My part-time online job is still going along as well and bringing in some extra dollars.  I can’t wait to get back on track with killing this debt.

I have to pack and move within the next week. As a part of the process, I will be shedding even more stuff in order to be more mobile. I have temporary accommodations arranged in the new city while I look for a new room to rent.

Happy Dance!

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“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW)