[-$13,863] Uncertainty

This job is so draining that I don’t often have the energy to post anymore. However, things could be worse, right?

What will I do?  I’m trying to figure that out before life figures it out for me. I have both short and long term considerations at play, which makes decision-making more complicated.

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Job Update: The Axe Fell Today…

At work, the axe fell today on our little satellite office…but I was spared.

Now that it’s all over, only about 5 of us are left on our little team. It was a bloodbath. All the people who sat near me for the last 1.75 years are gone. As people arrived and checked their emails for the morning, they announced to the rest of us that they had the dreaded meeting invite to meet with one of the visiting executives (and unbeknownst to them, an HR representative who had secretly flown in).

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How Not to Prepare for Potential Financial Troubles Ahead


I know. I know. Long time no post. Bad blogger!  I just don’t know where the time goes. Apparently it hasn’t been going into this blog!  I’ve been a little distracted.

Well, on the job front it appears that D-day is approaching. Our new Director had been expected to visit around now and we (satellite office workers) were nervous about what he might say or do that could impact our employment. Well, last week we learned through the grapevine (no official announcement has been made) that our Director will not be visiting, but two senior level executives will be visiting instead! As I’ve mentioned before, for my company, this is one strong sign of possible layoffs. We’ve gone from nervous to Read More