Not a Very Independent Independence Day

How are you holding up these days? I’m somehow managing, but it is a daily struggle. Warning! This will be a rant and whine post.

The Virus

Blast this virus to the fiery depths of hell!  I’m still virus-free, thankfully, but everything about this pandemic is relentless. I’ve greatly limited my news intake, so that’s helping.

Roommate #1, the one who fled to her parents’ house upon the start of lockdown, has completely moved out as of last month. Now that there is an empty room in the house, the rest of us roommates are paying higher rent and utilities to cover the cost. My monthly payment has gone up over $250. And good luck to us getting a new roommate in the middle of this pandemic with more rentals on the market now that people are leaving town.   

The Job

Still stressful. I don’t even want to spend time thinking about it to write about here. I’m burned out. Mr. Backstabby seems to have switched his focus to something else for the time being. I’m not a nurse, but the image above is so accurate for me.

My Finances

I finally got my tax refund. It took almost two months to get it this year, when it usually takes just a couple of weeks. I was beginning to worry that I might not get it at all.

I have $22,000 in my Emergency Fund, up about $5k from my last post.

My Health

Omg, my life is a meme. My health is not very good these days. My cholesterol is through the roof now, even higher than it was before. I am in heart attack territory.

The condition that put me in the hospital about 5 years ago, appears to be returning. This is bad because I can’t go through that again. I just can’t.   😥

Plus I’ve developed some troubling musculoskeletal pain with my neck, jaw, and back. I’ve ventured out to two doctors to try to find out the problem and how to cure it.

And there are myriad other health things that I won’t even get into here. My high-stress job and COVID confinement are the gasoline being poured on top of everything.

The best thing to do for my health right now would be to quit working altogether, but there is no way I can do that at a time like this. I need the money and health insurance…at least for a little longer. I’m not on death’s door or anything, but I have a window of opportunity to make big positive changes in my life and this virus is in the way.

Still Trapped

This is not a very independent Independence Day for me. When I paid off my debt last year, I expected that by now, halfway through 2020, I’d be financially able to start calling the shots in my life and start making moves. This has not been the case.

I am starting to make plans for myself, at least for the short/medium term, but they are just that, plans. When I can enact them is entirely dependent on a mindless and destructive virus that I have no control over.  All anyone can do is wait it out and try to stay healthy. So in the meantime, I’m still feeling trapped.

The Next Step?

I want need to travel and have extended time off work to get my physical and mental health back. A few weeks of vacation isn’t going to cut it. I’m planning to take at least 6 months off as soon as is feasible. For now, however, my plan is to bide my time until 1) I have gotten a vaccine shot, AND 2) travel opens up again. At that time, I will quit my job without hesitation and take a career break. I realize this will be over 1 year away, and even still, is likely optimistic.

If I get laid off or fired before then, so be it. I can live on unemployment. Sigh.


How is your Independence Day going?

“When you don’t have options, you’re in prison.” (DDSW Archives)


  1. Cathy E. · July 4, 2020

    Wow, I’m glad Mr. backstabby is looking somewhere else, But with everything else (health, roommates) you still sound stable. Have you considered craigslisting you vacancy? Maybe there’s a very healthy person looking for an affordable room. 🙂 I love how you have a plan it’s inspiring and forward thinking. Having a job is such a blessing in these wait and see times. Remember, one day at a time.

    Thanks for the post.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · July 6, 2020

      Hey Cathy! Sometimes I doubt my stability. LoL.

      Oh yes, we have already put the room on Craigslist. That’s what we do whenever someone moves out. The housing rental market is actually somewhat decent right now with so many people leaving town due to the high cost of housing combined people’s shaky employment etc. We’re also taking a risk with bringing a new random person into the house, whose health status and habits we don’t know. After I move out of here, I will not have any more roommates!

      Thanks for writing. 🙂
      Yeah, that’s my plan. I hope my health holds out.


  2. onevictoryeachday · July 4, 2020

    Although you are not where you’d like to be due to the constraints of the pandemic, etc, it’s always nice to hear from you.
    We (I’m sure) are all rooting for you, you’ve been such an inspiration for so long.


  3. Afro Penny · July 5, 2020

    Your e-fund is the thing of dreams. I hope you are in a place soon to take a career break and give your mind and body the attention and rest they deserve. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · July 6, 2020

      Hey. Afro Penny! Thank you. Yes, thinking of this career break for next year, is one of the few things keeping me going right now.

      Congrats on your $14k+ paydown. If the total doesn’t feel like it’s dropping fast enough, stay focused on the smaller milestones and don’t skimp on the mini-celebrations when you reach them. This, as you know, helped me a lot. I hope it helps you.

      Your goals look really good. I can’t wait for you to get below $100,000.

      As for a new platform, I’d say give WordPress a try. This is what I’m on and it’s rather straightforward to use. But I’m biased, because I’m not as familiar with other platforms.

      Keep going and thanks for continuing to drop by. 🙂


  4. Paul · July 6, 2020

    I wish you great luck with tackling this very challenging year. It has hit us in the UK completely out of the blue. I hope you get a nice long holiday when the time is right.
    Best wishes, Paul, London


    • Double Debt Single Woman · July 6, 2020

      Hi, Paul. Thank you. I, like the rest of the world, can’t wait for all of this to be over. Yes, I now have something (career break) to look forward to and keep me going a little while longer. I hope you are well and stay well out there in London.


  5. Avery · July 6, 2020

    I’m excited for this next chapter in your life. Seeing your savings grow sure beats dumping it all into student loans. Rooting for you and can’t wait to see you reach your career break!


  6. Broke designer · July 15, 2020

    Wow, so much had happened. I am glad to read that you’re safe and healthy. Things can be rough sometimes, but we have A LOT to be grateful for.
    If it’s of any help, know that I wasn’t feeling good about my life and reading your last posts really gave me hope.
    I am still in deep debt and trying yo get a second job because of my income problem, and it seems like I’ll never going to make it, but you give me hope. Thanks for being there, stay safe.
    This pandemic is a great teacher of patience, gratefulness and love. Nothing lasts forever and this wont either, you will get your vacation and time off from work and it will be awesome. Cheering for you from Argentina! 🙂


    • Double Debt Single Woman · July 16, 2020

      It’s good to hear from you and thank you. It’s rough time for all of us, albeit in different ways. I appreciate your positive outlook and your cheers. 🙂


  7. Christine · July 16, 2020

    I live in New Zealand and due to amazing leadership from our government and cooperation from our population who went in hard and early to contain the virus, along with geographical isolation and strict border controls, we are virtually virus-free with no community transfer. Our economy has suffered, but for most people, life is back to normal other than travel restrictions and 14-day isolation. Once you are ready and able to travel, I encourage you to come over here for a while. I think you would love it. You’ve done such an incredible job to turn your finances around and get to the financial position you are in now, so now it’s perhaps time to focus on your health so that you can enjoy the rewards when the borders open again.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · July 16, 2020

      Ohhh, New Zealand is on the list of places I’d like to spend time. I’m glad that there are countries out there with great leadership that are making their way through this. It gives us Americans hope. I’m hanging on for the November presidential election. Thank you, Christine. 🙂


  8. Debtor · July 19, 2020

    I wish you would post more. Your story is very interesting and its rare tk see someone at the beginning stages of wealth building so i feel u have a lot to share. Please try…it feels u lost the deal after paying off ur debt but theres a lot of ppl interested in this part of the journey.


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