[-$52,360] The Post Where DDSW Comes Back to Earth

Image Credit: Kate Ter Haar

Um. Helllooo?  Do you guys remember me?

I know! I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. It’s been 1.5 months without a post!

Ok. Quick check-in time. Where the heck have I been?  Well… I’ll tell you. I feel like I’ve been in orbit.

ONE. I went on an international trip. YES!
One continent. Three countries. Five cities. It was amazing! Wonderful! Worth. every. damn. penny!!! ::Screams::

Gah! I really didn’t want to leave. If I didn’t have to work, I would just travel full-time. If I didn’t have debt, I’d at least travel more often.

I didn’t log how much I spent. I still have a couple of grand or so in my opportunity fund, even after paying off all my credit card debt, so I didn’t go totally crazy with the spending, but travel is not cheap. I’m overdue to revisit my budget and spending.

TWO. I’ve been working A LOT. 
Before my trip I had a ton of work to get done ahead of time before I left. Even so, I still had to off-load some of it onto colleagues, which I don’t like doing, but I had no choice.  When I got back I had a ton of work to start and catch-up on. Omg! The jet lag combined with going back to the grind was NOT fun. I started working again the day after I landed back in the States.

THREE. I’ve been under a lot of stress. I’ve also been up to other things, which I’ll write about in my next post.

More on the way!

Thanks, guys, for all the positive comments after my last post. I’m so happy to be half done with my student loan debt and into the low 50’s now.

Anyone else have too much to do and not enough time?


“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW Archives)





  1. Solitary Diner · April 15, 2018

    Yay for travel and paid off credit cards and the ongoing decrease in your debt. It’s wonderful watching your progress!

    I understand not wanting to go back. I’m currently in France, and I wish I could stay here a lot longer. I have two days to recover from jet lag when I get back, but it’s still going to suck.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · April 15, 2018

      Yes, I’ve read your posts with equal measures of awe and envy. 🙂 Enjoy it! Don’t worry about being back until you get back.
      Agreed. YAY for travel!!


  2. Sandy ONeill · April 15, 2018

    Welcome back.


  3. zeejaythorne · April 15, 2018

    Definitely too much to do, but thank goodness for travel that made you feel so much joy!


  4. Maria · April 15, 2018

    Boo to jet lag, stress and too much to do!

    But everything else sounds pretty great! You took your vacation, loved it, you’ve paid off your credit card debt AND still have over two grand left in your opportunity fund! Awesome!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · April 15, 2018

      Yeah, it was an incredible trip. So many memories. I wish I could back right now!

      I’m even more motivated to end this debt. I could take a trip like the one I just took every month for what I’m paying in student loans. Ugh!

      But yeah. I’m sooo glad I went! ::happy::


  5. Michelle · April 16, 2018

    Welcome back!!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · April 16, 2018

      Thanks! Hey, if you see this, if you change the comment settings on your blog to include “Name/URL”, I’ll be able to leave comments.


  6. myleanjourney · April 27, 2018

    I have been looking for a personal finance/overcoming debt blog for a long while and finally found yours. Most PF blogs seem to be intent on ad revenue or selling me a lifestyle I don’t care for (becoming a professional blogger). I am single too, so really appreciate your perspective. And also glad to have found you midway on your journey so I have a virtual friend on for the journey. And I live in an expensive city to boot!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · April 29, 2018

      Hi myleanjourney! Welcome and thank you. 🙂 It’s always good to find PF twin. I hope you keep commenting here and let us all know how your progress is going!


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