7 Times When It’s Awkward to be a Double Debt Single Woman at Work

annoyed coworker

Do you work at a place where you are the only single (and/or broke) person in your work group?

I do (and have done so in the past) . For the most part that’s not a problem, as my co-workers and I spent a lot of our days heads down typing away on our keyboards in cubicle land. Sometimes however, I am reminded of my singleton status, and it’s, well…awkward. Am I alone in this?

These are seven times when it can be awkward to be a double debt single woman (or man) at work, in no particular order. Can you relate to any of these?


ONE —  Monday morning / Friday afternoon chit chat about the weekend

You know, the Friday afternoon talk about exciting upcoming weekend plans with spouses / significant others and Monday morning breathless reports of weekend escapades. It’s all fun, but sometimes your inner single (and broke)  girl just can’t listen to another story about someone’s romantic weekend getaway…

weekend stories


TWO — Personal conversations between your cubicle mate and their significant other

These are personal convos that you are forced to overhear because cubicles, in all their glory, offer zero privacy. TMI abounds here. I mean, you REALLY don’t want to know. And the “I love you’s” are always nicely sprinkled in to reinforce how close they are and how sadly single you are. Bonus awkward points if your cubicle mate is the drama queen/king of your work group with all of the requisite crying, (not so) quiet yelling, and over the top life situations that they are required to bring into any environment.

Cubicle-coworker on phone


THREE — Watercooler chats about marriage and relationships

Conversations don’t generally start here, but end up here at some point. You know the ones where everyone is taking turns talking about some adorable thing that their significant other did (probably during one of their romantic weekend getaways) or how successful their sweetie is, or otherwise humble-bragging about their relationship and you are awkwardly quiet because you have nothing to contribute.



FOUR — Company picnics / parties when families or +1 attendance is encouraged

Ahhh! The joy of spending hours upon hours as a third, fifth, or even seventh wheel while you mingle with different groups of couples. It’s even better if the topic of conversation is more of the watercooler chat about marriage and relationships. You often stand by awkwardly as your co-workers suddenly turn away from you to have private conversations with their significant other.

woman alone


 FIVE — When you are the only single and/or broke person in your work group

You have no other single people to commiserate with. You don’t understand your co-workers’ lives and they don’t understand yours. They live in houses in the ‘burbs and drive nice cars. Some even have nannies for their children. You don’t volunteer that you rent a room and have roommates, or that you don’t have a car or a family, but when these things inevitably come up in conversation, your co-workers look at you with a mixture of confusion and pity.

.poor thing


SIX – When you have to do those invasive, yet boring, getting-to-know-you ‘About me’ presentations

These usually take place during an All Hands meeting if you are new to a company or re-org’d into a new division. You know that the other people doing presentations will talk about their spouses, kids and home life – while showing pictures of throwing a football with their kids in the backyard, etc. You freak out because you don’t have a spouse, kids, a home life, a backyard, or a football.

You try to think of a way to make your current past-times of commuting to and from work, sleeping, listening to music, and staring at the ceiling sound like completely normal life-fulfilling activities. You contemplate getting a cat to appear less miserable. Perhaps you could distract them with a cat video instead? Hmmm. *Googles cat adoption…*

.boring presentation


SEVEN – Co-worker Couples. Period.

You have co-workers who are married to or dating each other somewhere in your work space. The closer in proximity one or both of them work to you, the more awkward the situation. If you are lucky, they have the sense to keep PDA non-existent while at work.

co-worker couple

Unfortunately that is not always the case, and this couple-dom invasion of your work space, your supposed place of refuge from all things emotional, can be a lot to bear.

Hearing about how great people’s relationships are during the day is one thing. Having to see it with your eyes all day takes things to another level. Ummm, nooo… Your inner single girl is ready to take a walk…

third-wheel cat


Any double debt single women (or men) out there going through these at work? Did I miss any ?

“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW)


  1. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica · September 6, 2015

    I feel this way a lot actually, and I’m not single, just unmarried. It’s hard to feel different when it seems like the whole world is coupled…


  2. Katie · September 8, 2015

    Yup. The last two Christmas parties I’ve taken a friend as my +1, which is fun, but still makes me feel lame.


  3. VickieTori · September 16, 2015

    I can totally relate to this too. Another great scenario: your co-worker’s family stops by for something – husbands, wives, kids, grandkids, etc. I always try to be super busy to avoid the awkward introductions and chit-chat. And just a warning: I do have cats. But then you just become “the single cat lady”. But that’s okay – they’re good company!


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