[-$24,200] Of Age and Fuses

Of Age and Fuses

Look at this picture. Do you see a young woman or an old woman?

At work this week, I was talking on a conference call with teammates and the banter led to a conversation about people’s ages. They each said the year they were born. (I didn’t volunteer mine.) I found out that the people that I’ve been working with on this project are ALL younger than me! Even the two leads who are 2 levels above me who I thought were years older. My jaw silently hit my desk.    Read More

7 Times When It’s Awkward to be a Double Debt Single Woman at Work

annoyed coworker

Do you work at a place where you are the only single (and/or broke) person in your work group?

I do (and have done so in the past) . For the most part that’s not a problem, as my co-workers and I spent a lot of our days heads down typing away on our keyboards in cubicle land. Sometimes however, I am reminded of my singleton status, and it’s, well…awkward. Am I alone in this?

These are seven times when it can be awkward to be a double debt single woman (or man) at work, in no particular order. Can you relate to any of these?


ONE —  Monday morning / Friday afternoon chit chat about the weekend

You know, the Friday afternoon talk about exciting upcoming weekend plans with spouses / significant others and Monday morning breathless reports of weekend escapades. It’s all fun, but Read More