The Last 5 is the Hardest to Lose: Hitting a Debt Payoff Plateau

debt plateau

I’m getting more and more frustrated about getting out of credit card debt. I feel like I’ve been holding at 6k remaining in CC debt forever. If you’ve ever sought to lose weight, you know the saying that the last 5 lbs is the hardest to lose. I feel that the last 6k is becoming the hardest to kill.

I’ve spent more money than intended on shoes lately. I started with buying two pairs because the ones I wore before were about 5+ years old, uncomfortable and worn out – literally with holes opening up in them. One of the new pairs (casual) is still ok, but the other pair (for work) turned out not to be very comfortable for long distances. I bought another pair only to suffer the same fate. I bought a third pair and had the same thing happen. They felt great at first but couldn’t hold up after a lot of walking during a typical workday. I’ve burned money in pursuit of comfortable work shoes, yet I’m still hobbling home in pain after work because my feet hurt.

I had some overdue dental work done last week and got slammed with a $1085 bill. That’s not a typo. I’m hoping that my dental insurance will cover some of it at least. It was dental work that had to be done otherwise the consequences would have been bad and even more costly. Plus, my dentist is one of the best in the business, so I know the work will last. Actually, I don’t have any regrets about it. What’s done is done. It’s just that these things are not helping me make any traction on this stupid debt. I work two long stressful weeks at a time, waiting for my paycheck, and when I finally, fiiiinnnaaalllyy get it, something takes it before I can put it toward this debt. I just feel like I’m never going to pay this card off. Arrggghh!!

Two years ago today (11/27/2012) I made my first post on this blog. I was $30,000+ in credit card debt and resolved. I’m thankful for having the opportunities that I’ve had to shave my expenses and earn enough to pay down my debt to $6,500+. However I know how much further ahead I could and should be at this point. Enough. It’s time to practice patience.

“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW)


  1. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica · November 27, 2014

    You rock! Celebrate having paid off 24k in debt in 2 years. The end will come for your credit card debt. Try to be patient. You need to practice good self-care too.


  2. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica · November 27, 2014

    Practice patience and be grateful that you paid off 24k! You needed the dental work done so I’m glad you had it done.


  3. Bre · November 30, 2014

    i agree! you should definitely celebrate the $24k being paid off in two years. i previously paid off a similar amount in much more time than that. you put in a lot of work and are an inspirations.


  4. Karissa · November 30, 2014

    Wow, what an incredible inspiration. You have made strides beyond measure in just 2 years! Our family is on a journey to a much simpler, less consuming life and that includes paying down our debt as well. Cars, credit cards, student loans, mortgages… it’s all debt. Keep pushing forward. Bravo!


    • doubledebtsinglewoman · November 30, 2014

      Yes, Karissa. It’s all debt. I will keep pushing forward. Good luck with your journey, as well.


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