The Post Where I Have No Idea What My Student Loan Balance Is

Did you participate in Black Friday / Cyber Monday or did you participate in Buy Nothing Day?

I bought one thing on Black Friday. I had no business buying anything else given my finances right now.        Read More

[-$63,453] Not Halloween Anymore, but Still Scary

Seeing my balance creep HIGHER these past couple of weeks has been scarier than Halloween was.  Even more scary is that I am now carrying a credit card balance again! Yes, I know.  😦

For my 2018 trip, I have most of my big ticket expenses (airfare, hotel) booked already, hence the card balance. But there is more to go. First order of business is paying the card off, of course.

I started having some tooth discomfort and was back in a quandry about whether I should go back to my old dentist, even though you guys told me to ditch him and find a new dentist. Well, as it turns out, I discovered that my old dentist recently retired and sold his practice. The new person there doesn’t have any skill or accomplishments presented that make me want to stay. I feel free, like I’ve escaped a bad relationship. LoL. I don’t know why I stayed for so long. Read More

My Pear-Shaped Q4: Why I’m Back in Credit Card Debt



As 2015 draws to a close, I am yet again in the shackles of credit card debt. How did I get here…again?
It’s confession time…

After I paid off my credit card debt earlier this year, three things happened that landed me back into the grasp of Evil Credit Card Company.

ONE I fell ill with a health condition that required major surgery. I had an emergency room visit, many expensive tests and specialist visits. When all was done, I spent over $6,500 in out of pocket expenses relating to diagnosis. I thus more than maxed out my out of pocket limit for my high deductible health plan. I also spent an additional  $3,500 flying my mom out here and housing us near the hospital for two weeks (long story) during and after my surgery. That totaled about $10k that all went on my credit card between March and October.    Read More