‘Snowflake Stepdown’ Technique for Debt Payoff


It’s all about motivation.

One technique that I use to stay motivated is what I call the ‘snowflake stepdown’.  I just used it yesterday and now my credit card balance is $26,998.

After I paid my most recent payment to Citibank, my balance was $27, 218. Good. It is down from it’s highest balance of $30,340.

But as I look at that balance, I think how nice it would be to put down another $220 to see that 27 go down, or rather ‘stepdown’, to 26. So I checked my checking account, and saw that I could spare $220 and make do with what was left until my next payday.

Just like that, I immediately made the snowflake payment to Citibank. Now I get to see a $26,000 something balance.  There is only a $220 difference from what was there before, but it feels like $1,000 difference.

It gives me a psychological boost. It feels like things are really starting to move. I can’t wait until my next payday so that I can throw some more money at it. The shackles are starting to loosen a little. Just a little.

Here’s to the Snowflake Stepdown Technique and positive motivation to pay off debt. Cheers.



“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW)

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