Goodbye 2017: The Year In Debt Review

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2017 In Review:

In the Winter, after declaring my 2017 goals, I soon developed a new found interest in beefing up my emergency fund. After waiting for months following my promotion at work, I finally learned what my pay raise would be, and it was disappointing to say the least. I bounced back from that let down, and set aside some money from my bonus to fund my sinking funds. This included a ‘health maintenance fund’ for doctors visits and medical tests, as I was getting concerned about some chronic health issues.   Read More

Goodbye 2016: The Year in Debt Review (+ Net Worth)


It is that time of year again. Check out my past reviews:

  •  2014 Year in Debt – I still want to be the ‘umm, no’ cat in that post when I grow up.🙂
  •  2015 Year in Debt – What an emotional and financial roller coaster! It was a year of health and job loss scares.



In 2016, I started off the year with worthy goals and lots of optimism. In January, I got hit with a $750 bill for short term disability over-payment because my employer hadn’t calculated taxes properly following my surgery in 2015. Next, I paid off the last bit of medical related credit card debt and was now credit card debt free AGAIN. In February, I had a temporary panic about potentially losing my cheap (for this area) rented room. Panic is the right word, given that so much of my potential to make progress on this debt hinges on my ability to continue paying below market rent for my room.

By March, I focused my attention on my student loan debt. As the Spring season began, Read More

Goodbye 2015: The Year in Debt Review



It is that time of year again…

My 2014 Year in Debt post summed up the happenings of 2014.  And I still want to be the ‘umm, no’ cat in that post when I grow up. 🙂


In 2015, I started off the year in high hopes. I was eagerly awaiting the grizzly end to my evil credit card.  By the end of February, I’d paid off my credit card debt. $30k in credit card debt gone! I felt great about my accomplishment. Two weeks later, I landed in the emergency room. I had developed a health condition that could no longer be ignored. Several tests and doctors visits later, it was determined that major surgery would be required.   Read More