Double Debt Single Woman Has Paid Off Over $142,598 and is Officially Debt-Free!


I took this image from my footer at the bottom of this page. This is so beautiful, I had to frame it!


I had to include my own Dave Ramsey style debt-free scream!

I’ve paid off over $142,598 of debt ($30,340 of credit card and $112,258 of student loan). This number represents principal debt only. When I estimate the interest payments, and the medical debt I’ve also incurred and paid off over the years since starting this blog, I’ve easily made over $170,000 in actual total debt payments. Sigh.

But you know what? It makes the celebration that it’s finished, all the better.        Read More

[$0] And So It Ends… DDSW Defeats the Student Loan Debt Leviathan

My first post focusing entirely on my student loan debt


And so it ends…

It’s done.

It. Is. Finally. Over.

It was 2:20 AM on a weeknight. I was awake… and working. I had a big deliverable due the next day. I was pissed off. I’m usually a very mellow person, but I get cranky when I have to work overnight and can’t sleep like everyone else. I look at the clock and know that I’m not going to get any sleep. I have too much work to do. I know that the whole day at work is going to be stressful… Ugh.

I also know that my paycheck had already hit my account. It hits every payday immediately after midnight. I knew my account balances and knew what I wanted to do. I couldn’t destroy this job, but I COULD destroy the one thing I hated more … this damned student loan debt.                  Read More

[-$5,000] Holding Steady

The Job

My job continues to be exhausting in all ways possible. I’m dragging myself through each day, or more accurately, the days are dragging me. Every week feels like a tour of duty…


Someone has rented the vacated room, so my portion of the rent is returning to normal now that I have three roommates again. *Cue rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus*. We didn’t have the luxury of being picky this time around, so we’ll see how it goes…                                      Read More