[-$88,786] I’m in the 80’s! Let’s Keep This Train a Rollin’!



Finally! Goodbye to the 90’s, which became as worn out as a pair of (MC) Hammer pants. Woohoo! Welcome 80’s, although I don’t want to stay here as long as I stayed in the 90’s.

Current stats from my lender:

Balance: $88,786
Term Remaining on Debtor’s Prison Sentence: 3 years and 5 months
Current (variable) Interest rate: 3.59%  
(up from original rate of 3.42%)

Pull out the cassette tapes!  Here’s a Read More

[-$90,989] The Information Diet: Being Mindful of the Information We Consume


Are you suffering from information overload?
Is the news / media making you depressed, agitated, or angry?
Do you feel mentally sluggish resulting in low productivity and drive?


You may have infobesity caused by consuming an ever growing surplus of poor quality ‘infotainment’ and propaganda passing as substantive news and an addiction to brain rotting sugary celebrity gossip and reality TV fluff.  Read More

[-$90,831] A Bit of Good News!


I know I can go a long time between posts. Before last week, I’d been super busy at work, in another crunch period working late evenings and weekends.  Things have lightened up a bit for now, but there will be another crunch in December before the holidays.

Talk about timing! In one of my recent posts I talked about learning to appreciate my job.  Well, I just Read More

What a Night, America


Whether you’re crying in your beer or popping champagne right now, big change is coming to America.  Get ready.

Fortunately, so far there have been no reports of violence directly related to the election.

Looks like my financial wish didn’t happen. The off-hours futures market dropped over 750 points. Trading had to be halted for a short time as a market crash safeguard. It will be interesting to see how the world reacts when US markets open in the morning.

Give a hug to someone you love.



[-$93,078] Scary Things…and Good Things


I would have posted this for Halloween, if i’d had the time as there are scary things lurking about.

ONE. The prospect of rioting or terroristic activity following the election outcome, or worse, an unclear presidential election outcome that causes the process to drag on even longer. I don’t need to explain why that is Read More

[-$93,051] Why Startups are Not for Me and Why They May Not be for You Either


There are now a few startups in the neighborhood where I work. I see the young employees, bright and trendy, swishing by while glued to their phones and social media profiles, and feel like I’ve missed the boat. I wish I could have had experiences like that when I was in my 20’s. I feel a little jealous, and yes, old. I’ve seen all the big IPO news stories over the years and wish I could have had that excitement too.

Over the past year, tired of feeling left out, I’ve sent out several resumes to advertised positions at startups, with very few positive responses. Most of the time I got silence.  A while back, I got an actual email rejection, which was a nice change. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t even getting a phone screen when I met all the qualifications.

I managed to Read More

[$-92,864] I’m Back from My Vacation! The Good, the Bad and the Fallout


I’m baaaack!
And you missed me!  :heart:

Sorry for taking sooo long to reply to your comments. I was out of the country so I turned off apps, etc., to limit data usage. Thus, I was not getting notifications that there were comments. Duh!   I thought I’d literally bored you guys to death with my previous posts; or that no one had anything to say.  Boy was I wrong. Thanks for checking up on me.


My Vacation

The Good
I FINALLY did it. Read More

[-$94,900] Debt Payoff vs. Retirement Savings (Part 2)

home farm singapore retirement community

An architect’s visualization of Home Farm Image: SPARK Architects

My Hazy Retirement Goals

In my last post -Part 1– I wrote about my back and forth struggle between allocating money toward debt payoff vs retirement savings. Hmm. What are my retirement goals? I’ll have to dedicate a separate post to this another time, because I haven’t thought it through yet. I only have hazy visions.

I’d like to marry rich and retire instantly. Ha. Wouldn’t we all, right? Short of a miracle like that, I’d like to plan to keep working for another 10 years in my industry at maximum salary and maximum savings. Around the age of 50 (or whenever I get laid off and can’t find more work or get burned out beyond repair), I’d like to go into ‘working retirement’ (financial freedom) for another 10 years until Read More

[-$97,079] Debt Payoff vs. Retirement Savings (Part 1)

debt or retirement path

A Shift in Strategy

Once I killed my credit card debt and could focus on my student loan debt, my intention was to throw every spare dollar I had at it, to the exclusion of everything else. I planned to keep my retirement savings down to 5% to get my employer match. Lately, I’ve been reconsidering that position.  Read More

[-$96,924] On the Bench


My monthly payment just posted, leaving me with a current debt balance of $96,924. Things seem to be moving slowly with my repayment, but I’m hoping to pick up the pace in the next couple of months.

overwhelmed - don't know how to start

I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, due to forces outside of my control. I was really upset about not being able to go for so long, but now I’m Read More