[-$69,127] Another Public Transit Rant

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If you look through the window, even the guy on the next train is like, “Really, chick?!”

The woman in the red shirt is just … over it. I can so empathize right now.  It’s time for another public transit rant.

I’ve written before about public transit. I am, of course, very grateful for the convenience, but I pay more than one price for it.  Here are some things that I deal with… If you also take public transit and recognize these things, feel free to sing along…

If you don’t take public transit, run outside and kiss your car right now. RIGHT NOW, I said!  LoL.


People who are seemingly a) unaware of the existence of headphones or b) under the delusion that everyone on the bus/train car wants to hear the annoying music they feel they need to gift to the world. And it’s always insufferably annoying music. I’ve never had anyone blast music that was actually nice or catchy to listen to. Grinds my gears.  Or the people who watch videos on their phone at full volume. C’mon! Ugh.

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Entertainment Hostage-takers

Sometimes the noise music comes with a show, whether you want to see one or not. I understand that transit entertainers are people trying to make an honest buck, but most people on a train car don’t want to see it. You see, watching the show taking place mere inches from your face now socially obligates you to make a donation. You’re trapped. Your only way out is to advert your eyes to your phone or book while popping an aspirin for your oncoming headache.

Source credit: unknown

Backpack Hunchbacks

Most people know this rule, but too many individuals evidently do not. To these people: please, take off your damned backpacks and put them on the floor or hold them down by your legs when in a public transit vehicle. Not only does the backpack take up space that could be filled by another passenger if things get crowded, but they regularly hit people in the immediate vicinity every time you move.

Source credit: streetsblog NYC

People who won’t make space for others & Crowding

Crowded cars. Period. And people who won’t move further into the car when it’s crowded. Maybe a train broke down and it caused a backup on the line, which quickly causes crowds and overstuffed train cars behind it. Some people refuse to move further into the car causing empty pockets of space in the middle of the car vs. a full body Jenga crush near the doors. Even after the conductor tells them to move in and make space.  Probably the same clueless people wearing huge backpacks… Argh!


Seriously, I’ve almost gagged many, many times. I’ve seen and smelled some horrible, horrible things in the public transit system. I will spare you the details. I’m thiiiis close to buying a mask. Maintenance tries to ‘clean’, but they can’t be everywhere and stench lingers and permeates your clothing.

Oh, and people who sit next to you and haven’t bathed or brushed their teeth for far too long. Omg. Being trapped in the middle of a crowded car for an hour next to someone with horrible BO or bad breath is as terrible as it sounds. Imagine eagerly awaiting each stop so that when the doors open you have hope of getting a faint whiff of fresh air… (On the other hand, maybe this explains the crowded Jenga crush near the doors…)

Source credit: retrofresh


This is just obnoxious. I don’t understand people who do this. I don’t want to see, hear, or smell anything someone is putting into their face when we’re all sitting in an airtight tin can. I don’t care if it’s a stick of bubble gum. Popping and smacking gum ANYTHING can drive other passengers up a wall, especially after a stressful day at work. Seriously. Never mind the signs and announcements that eating and drinking are prohibited, which clearly go ignored.


Look that the faces of the fellow passengers in these pics. These pissed off captives observers are ALL THE WAY over it. And the miscreants either don’t know or don’t care that the people around them are plotting which one of them will grab the murder knife.


So for those of you who have a car, go out and kiss it again. AGAIN, I said!  LoL

“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW Archives)


  1. mrspickypincher · August 2, 2017

    Ughhhhh! I feel more annoyed at the world just reading this. I’m thankful that I work remotely (and even if I didn’t I would just take my car). I do think public transportation is a FANTASTIC thing, but hey, nothing’s perfect. You get a big cross-section of humanity on trains and… I’m sorry, but humanity kinda sucks sometimes. Hopefully you’re able to save a buck with the public transit though!


    • Double Debt Single Woman · August 3, 2017

      Ha! Yeah. Luckily it is uncommon to have all those issues happening at the same time, but public transit can drive you to the brink.
      I agree that it is great to have. I’m not ungrateful. It’s just irritating sometimes…


  2. Lisa Marie Théresé Magoch · August 3, 2017

    The funny part is I am sitting on a bus right now. Many times, I think I should write a book about the weirdness of public transportation.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · August 3, 2017

      Yeah, I wish we could hand out to all passengers (or maybe just to the problem passengers) little BIG laminated instruction cards – “How to ride the bus/train”. It would include drawings of the “Do this…not this!” variety. You could make those and sell them to the public transit authority. Ha!


      • Dolores Gonzalez · August 4, 2017

        That made me remember the ones who don’t understand the metrocard process. I had that down to a fine art, didn’t even need to break my stride lol. I’m so glad I’m in Michigan now with my really long driveway and cars.


  3. Dolores Gonzalez · August 4, 2017

    I used to live in NYC. I feel your pain! I had to take the m60 bus to Harlem and it would be packed full of tourists and their suitcases that didn’t understand the need to make room! I remember standing holding on to the pole as the bus did 60 over the bridge in to Manhattan with a tourist telling her frustrated son, “This is all part of the experience, honey!” The experience. I nearly laughed, this was my life trying to get home after work amid their suitcases and backpacks lol


  4. zeejaythorne · August 5, 2017

    A middle aged white lady tried to put her hand in my shirt today. She approached me from behind and was approaching me with outstretched hands. I turned around quickly and she said “I need to fix your tag.” Me ” DO NOT TOUCH ME.” Huffy her, “But your tag. At least I asked.” Went off to pout. Ma’am, if you make me square up again, you will catch these hands.


    • Double Debt Single Woman · August 26, 2017

      Oh no! No one should put their hands on someone else without permission. She should have told you about the tag and let YOU fix it. If someone does that to the wrong person they could get hurt out here. At least it’s good that she didn’t catch those hands. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • zeejaythorne · August 26, 2017

        She was so offended when I squared up and told her not to touch me. Why on earth do strangers think they can put their hands IN MY CLOTHES!


  5. nicole · September 6, 2017

    I am on the train now I’m Atlanta reading this and I agree with everything. Lol! So glad I found another single and 40s woman to follow.


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