[-$75,003] Where Your Tax Dollar Went

Source: nationalpriorities.org

In my Being Single is Taxing post, I hoped that all the money being ripped ‘liberated’ from my paychecks was being spent wisely. I recently stumbled across this breakdown, which confirmed my fears.

According to Nationalpriorities.org, from every collected tax dollar we spend nearly 30 cents on health care, almost 24 cents on military/defense, but less than 4 cents on education and science (research and exploration) combined.  Read More

What a Night, America


Whether you’re crying in your beer or popping champagne right now, big change is coming to America.  Get ready.

Fortunately, so far there have been no reports of violence directly related to the election.

Looks like my financial wish didn’t happen. The off-hours futures market dropped over 750 points. Trading had to be halted for a short time as a market crash safeguard. It will be interesting to see how the world reacts when US markets open in the morning.

Give a hug to someone you love.