[-$45,745] The Tiniest of Tiny Pinpoints

Another Independence Day is nearly upon us. Last year this time, I had a $71,595 student loan debt balance and was excited to finally start having hope that I’d ever pay this off before I’m gray. One year later, and not only do I have hope, I’m starting to see the tiniest of tiny pinpoints of light ahead.

If all goes well, the next Fourth of July will be my last one in debt. That thought makes me incredibly happy.    Read More

[-$60,324] Overwhelmed and Out of Gas, but Optimistic

I’m feeling like I’m being dragged across the finish line of 2017. I just feel tired.

(I have fallen off on taking all of my supplements regularly, so I’ll need to get back on track with that. That is probably playing a role in things.)

Among other things, I have a close family member in the hospital now. After tests, it was determined that the condition is potentially life threatening, but treatable with surgical intervention, so things will likely be ok, eventually. But getting that first phone call was crazy stressful.   Read More