2019 Goals for Double Debt Single Woman

Happy New Year, Peeps! Here are my goals for 2019. Ready…Set…Go!!

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ONE –  Pay off student loan debt from $35,000 to $0.

That’s right! This is the year, the student loan debt monster dies. Last year, I paid off $25,300 of student loan debt. I want to surpass that this year. I’m down to the last $35,000 of debt and I want it dead.Yeah, this is another crazy ambitious goal. But you know my debt motto: go big or go home.

I’ve already paid off over $30,000 of credit card debt, so paying off this amount of debt is familiar territory for me. I have no idea how I’m going to pay all this off in one year, though. Maybe I’ll win the lottery? I know I need to rein in my spending on food, for one. In any event, my new low fixed interest rate (3.09%) will help more more of my payments go toward principal this year.  Read More

Goodbye 2018: The Year in Debt Review

Hi Peeps! Goodbye 2018. Here is the review of my latest year in debt.

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2018 In Review:

In the Winter, after declaring my 2018 goals, I kicked off the new year by making a student loan payment that put me In the 50’s. February was all about my bonus. I started the month imagining how I might allocate it while also dealing with housing instability.

Actually getting the bonus mid-month left me Feeling like a Rat…and a Cat. By the end of February and the winter season, I celebrated having paid off half of my $112,258 student loan debt. I now had a $56,000 balance and couldn’t be happier.   Read More

[-$49,402] I’m in the 40’s! We Can Do It!

Woot! I’ve made it to the 40’s. Now that I’m here, I’m already in a sprint to get well into the 30’s, by the end of the year.

Current stats on my student loan:

Original Balance: $112,258
Remaining Balance: $49,402
Monthly Payments:
 $2,800  (Payments are back up and I’m back on track)  🙂
Term Remaining on Debtor’s Prison Sentence: 1 year and 6 months  🙂
Current (variable) Interest rate: 4.88%  (up from original rate of 3.42%)   Read More