[-$107,000] The First Payment

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Kill it with fire!

My student loan refinance has gone through and the balance on my previous student loan servicer’s account is now $0.00!  I’ve logged in at least 4 times since that wonderful event, just to look at the zeros. Somehow I bet that it is normal to do that. 🙂

I was worried that I would end up with my own crazy-making servicer payoff story when trying to get them out of my life forever. Unsurprisingly, they were super slow in processing the payoff check, probably to rack up the last bit of interest, but they didn’t try any other tricks. Goodbye old servicer!  *Waves goodbye*

Now that my student loan debt is situated in its new (servicer) abode, it’s time to burn said abode to the ground!

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Two Blows in One Day: The Wrath of the Landlord and Father Time

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Image credit: Chip Bok @ Bokbluster.com

Happy Independence Day!

Unfortunately for me, the only fireworks I’m seeing are going off in my bank account because of this upcoming surgery. I’ll update my numbers in the not too distant future. I hope my long weekend gets better, because it didn’t start off well yesterday.

Yesterday, I walked into one of my favorite tea shops, where there were two girls in their early 20’s (?) standing near the counter. “Oh, are you two in line?”, I said politely with a smile as I approached. “Oh no, ma’am! Go ahead!”, one of them replied.

Record scratch. What?  ‘Ma’am?’, I think to myself.  ‘Ma’am??!!’  My smile faded to Read More

Down in the Dumps: Being Considered a Failure


Warning. This is not a happy joy post. What follows is a wall of depression text, so if you’d rather not go there with me, feel free to skip this one.

It has been a while since my last post. I still have my job, which I am grateful for. Things are very quiet there these days. A few more co-workers left on their own after the layoffs. They either took other jobs or are just quitting to get off of the treadmill. I envy their ability to afford to do that. There are a handful of us left in the office so… it’s really quiet.

Why am I still there? It’s not Read More