DDSW Commenter Love: Meet-n-Greet #3


This is the third and final edition of DDSW Commenter Love. You can see the first edition here and the second edition here.


I just want to give a big “Thank You!”, to all the great peeps who stop by here from time to time to read my ramblings and who have left positive and uplifting comments.

I thought you might like to get to know each other.  There are a lot of you, so in order to avoid eyeball overload, I’ll break this up into a handful of manageable lists.  I’ve included a sample post to help you get a flavor for each. Happy reading!


1. The Color of the Money

Learn about a variety of personal finance related topics. An informative blog.


2. Mesa Moving Tips

Just as the title says, learn tips for everything related to moving. Lesson in this sample post? Lemon+baking soda+vinegar = magic.


3. That Indian Minimalist

If you’re into philosophy, poetry, and minimalism, check out his blog.


4. Budget Loving Military Wife

BLMW and husband defeated a wall of debt and now she shares her budgeting wisdom with the world.


5. Life In the Orchard

Are you into crafts, gardening, and cooking? Check out Sarah’s blog.


6. Debt Busting Chick

Debt Busting Chick hates debt. Can you relate?


7. Single Girl’s Guide to Becoming Debt Free

A brand-new blog from Single Girl. Get in on the ground floor and follow about Single Girls journey to get out of debt.


8. The Debt Breakup

Are you breaking up with debt for good? Check out this blog.  And don’t answer Debt’s phone calls begging you to come back!


9.   Concrete and Grace

Katie is on a mission to be skinny and rich, all the while being thankful of what she has and who she is. Hi Katie! Best of luck paying off that last $7k. You can do it!


And last, but certainly not least…

10.  2 Copper Coins

Krista and Jon are a great couple who blog about their quest to achieve goals in the areas of savings, generosity, and adoption. Check out their blog and root them on!





That’s it for 2014 DDSW Commenter Love!  It was fun to introduce everyone to each other. I think I’ll do something like this once or twice per year.

After reading all these great blogs don’t forget to come back to DDSW and catch up on any old posts you may have missed here!

I hope to see all of you again in the comments on future posts!



  1. Life in the Orchard · October 6, 2014

    Thanks for including my blog!!


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