[$0] And So It Ends… DDSW Defeats the Student Loan Debt Leviathan

My first post focusing entirely on my student loan debt


And so it ends…

It’s done.

It. Is. Finally. Over.

It was 2:20 AM on a weeknight. I was awake… and working. I had a big deliverable due the next day. I was pissed off. I’m usually a very mellow person, but I get cranky when I have to work overnight and can’t sleep like everyone else. I look at the clock and know that I’m not going to get any sleep. I have too much work to do. I know that the whole day at work is going to be stressful… Ugh.

I also know that my paycheck had already hit my account. It hits every payday immediately after midnight. I knew my account balances and knew what I wanted to do. I couldn’t destroy this job, but I COULD destroy the one thing I hated more … this damned student loan debt.                  Read More

[-$5,000] Happy Halloween – An Enemy Returns from the Crypt

Whoa! Who needs a jack o’lantern when we’ve got the Sun. Our very own star beat out all the competition this year to claim the crown for best Halloween costume. Unfortunately, the crown melted when the Sun tried to wear it. Fortunately, our source of warmth is still in good spirits and will be for another few billion years.        Read More

[-$15,000] Warming Up

Yes, my balance dropped. No, it wasn’t because of the minimum monthly payment. I’ve been standing on the sidelines of this race for long enough, I think. It’s time to get back on the track. This week’s payment is a warmup.

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