Double Debt Single Woman Has Paid Off Over $142,598 and is Officially Debt-Free!


I took this image from my footer at the bottom of this page. This is so beautiful, I had to frame it!


I had to include my own Dave Ramsey style debt-free scream!

I’ve paid off over $142,598 of debt ($30,340 of credit card and $112,258 of student loan). This number represents principal debt only. When I estimate the interest payments, and the medical debt I’ve also incurred and paid off over the years since starting this blog, I’ve easily made over $170,000 in actual total debt payments. Sigh.

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A Panoply of Milestones


I’m celebrating a panoply of milestones today. Three of them at once.  It’s milestone of milestones posts.

Milestone 1:  Over 142,598 in assets.

My assets totaled at the time of this writing are $146,204 to be more precise. This means I now have more in assets than I ever had in debt (-$142,598). This is a big psychological boost.

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I’m Worthless: from -$142,598 Net Worth to Zero

This is a big milestone for me. I’m completely worthless, guys….  FINALLY! 🙂

I now have a positive net worth for the first time in my entire adult life.

When I started this blog, I was in a ton of debt and didn’t have a dime of savings. Don’t believe me? See the crime scene for yourself.

November 2012 Net Worth

April 2017 Net Worth

Today, I have a small (and growing) retirement fund and have almost halved my total debt.

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