[-$48,400] My Ma’am Problem


Have you ever entered an Uber / Lyft / Taxi and watched as the driver changes the genre of music playing to something noticeably different from what was playing when you got in?

I’m sure it’s happened before from time to time, but last week I just really took notice of it. After I’d gotten in the car, the driver changed the music. I immediately started thinking about it. Did he change the station based on the way I look and because he thinks this is the genre of music I’d like? Well, he was right, I enjoyed the new music, but it still felt kinda wrong to me. Anyway, I was singing along, in my head of course. I wouldn’t inflict my singing voice on anyone.

After a couple of songs played, an ad for the station comes on and says something to the effect of, “Hey this is X city’s classic hits station!”  I’m like, what?! An oldies station?!  One, since when are these tracks considered old? And two, is he playing this station because he thinks I’m old too?!  I was seriously amused and mildly disturbed about this for a few minutes, okay, a few days, or maybe longer…. I laugh about things like this, but I’m noticing it more and thinking about it more. Thus the loop begins.

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Two Blows in One Day: The Wrath of the Landlord and Father Time

independence day debtI
Image credit: Chip Bok @ Bokbluster.com

Happy Independence Day!

Unfortunately for me, the only fireworks I’m seeing are going off in my bank account because of this upcoming surgery. I’ll update my numbers in the not too distant future. I hope my long weekend gets better, because it didn’t start off well yesterday.

Yesterday, I walked into one of my favorite tea shops, where there were two girls in their early 20’s (?) standing near the counter. “Oh, are you two in line?”, I said politely with a smile as I approached. “Oh no, ma’am! Go ahead!”, one of them replied.

Record scratch. What?  ‘Ma’am?’, I think to myself.  ‘Ma’am??!!’  My smile faded to Read More