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woman and sky

A while back, I got an email from my 36-year old self.

(Years ago, I sent a message to my future self using a time-capsule email service.)

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R.I.P Cousin

rest in peace

I just got the news that one of my cousins died today of a heart attack. He’d just finished singing a song of appreciation to his mother for Mother’s Day and was surrounded by family (including my mother) when he collapsed.

He had been having discomfort in his arm and chest for a couple of days but ignored it, thinking it would go away. It didn’t go away until it took him with it. He was only 12 years older than me. I remember the good times that my sister and I had with him and my other cousins back in the good old days when we would visit them in New York City. He and his brother were so urban and streetwise. We thought everything they did was the coolest thing ever. They left New York and moved back to my family’s home state about 15 years ago and settled into their own lives. He remained a jovial guy who could tell a great story that would have you in stitches.

I will miss him.