[-$15,685] A Game Plan Forms

Thanks, everyone, for all your advice, well-wishes and words of encouragement in the comments. And thanks to those of you who used ‘Contact Me’ to reach out directly. Thanks for talking me down from the ledge so-to-speak. I feel like I have a gameplan for the upcoming months.    Read More

[-$66,952] My Health Sinking Fund Has Sunk


Short post today, as things are hectic with work. I am looking forward to the long weekend!

Instead of my customary $1,000 payment at the end of the month, today I only put $700 towards the student loan. Why? Overspending in my budget. In particular, I’ve been spending a lot of money on health care. My health fund, which I funded at an unusually high $2.5k early this year, is already exhausted.

The bad news is that all of these tests and supplements are expensive. Thus, my health fund, a sinking fund, has sunk.  Read More

[-$83,896] My Bonus, Health Goals, and a Plan of Attack


First, the good news.

I finally got my 2016 bonus check ($4,922)! Woot!!   I now have ALL the money! lol


This is how I have allotted it.

  • Health maintenance fund ($2,500)
  • Opportunity fund ($1,250)
  • Emergency fund ($222)
  • Checking account / slush ($500)
  • Evil Student Loan extra payment ($500)

I also made my first $2,650 monthly mega payment (up from $2,300).  The resulting balance ($83,896) barely looks like it’s even moved since last month. Still pretty much in the mid-80’s.

Why is so much going to my health fund?  Keep reading… Read More

The Post Where DDSW Falls Back into Credit Card Debt?


Should I have known that it was too good to be true? I was gloriously out of credit card debt for two weeks. Then it happened. The health problem that I’ve been telling you about decided that it didn’t want to wait for me to save up an emergency fund. It sent me to the Emergency Room instead.

It was a 7-hour all-night ordeal of which I will spare you the gory details.  The first three hours I spent in the waiting area at the point of tears and in utter pain. I’d never been to an Emergency Room before and let me tell you, that the stereotype of the crowded, underfunded, understaffed ER department was true in my case.

Finally, I was taken into a room where a procedure was performed to relieve the immediate pain. I had some bloodwork done and was given a CT scan.  The underlying health problem was confirmed by the scan. Surgery will be required in the near future along with visits to specialists.

After some deliberation about whether I would be kept in the hospital overnight, I was finally allowed to leave around 4:30am.

Thankfully, I have insurance, but it is a high-deductible plan. I don’t yet know what the bill will be for my emergency room visit, but needless to say, it will be much more than the $2k that I have managed to save so far. When the bill comes in, I will be updating my numbers. Hopefully, I will be permitted to pay the bill on an installment plan. If not, it will have to go on the credit card. Sigh.

At least by the time I have the surgery, I will have met my annual out-of-pocket limit. Hopefully, my insurance will pick up the tab from that point forward.

Well, I knew that this would have to be dealt with sooner or later. I suppose fate has brought it forward.


“Debtor’s prison is real, and opportunity cost is a bitch.” (DDSW)