[-$15,685] A Game Plan Forms

Thanks, everyone, for all your advice, well-wishes and words of encouragement in the comments. And thanks to those of you who used ‘Contact Me’ to reach out directly. Thanks for talking me down from the ledge so-to-speak. I feel like I have a gameplan for the upcoming months.    Read More

[-$94,900] Debt Payoff vs. Retirement Savings (Part 2)

home farm singapore retirement community

An architect’s visualization of Home Farm Image: SPARK Architects

My Hazy Retirement Goals

In my last post -Part 1– I wrote about my back and forth struggle between allocating money toward debt payoff vs retirement savings. Hmm. What are my retirement goals? I’ll have to dedicate a separate post to this another time, because I haven’t thought it through yet. I only have hazy visions.

I’d like to marry rich and retire instantly. Ha. Wouldn’t we all, right? Short of a miracle like that, I’d like to plan to keep working for another 10 years in my industry at maximum salary and maximum savings. Around the age of 50 (or whenever I get laid off and can’t find more work or get burned out beyond repair), I’d like to go into ‘working retirement’ (financial freedom) for another 10 years until Read More

[-$97,079] Debt Payoff vs. Retirement Savings (Part 1)

debt or retirement path

A Shift in Strategy

Once I killed my credit card debt and could focus on my student loan debt, my intention was to throw every spare dollar I had at it, to the exclusion of everything else. I planned to keep my retirement savings down to 5% to get my employer match. Lately, I’ve been reconsidering that position.  Read More