[-$5,000] Happy Halloween – An Enemy Returns from the Crypt

Whoa! Who needs a jack o’lantern when we’ve got the Sun. Our very own star beat out all the competition this year to claim the crown for best Halloween costume. Unfortunately, the crown melted when the Sun tried to wear it. Fortunately, our source of warmth is still in good spirits and will be for another few billion years.        Read More

[-$10,000] The Last Milestone

I’m down to $10,000!!!!

Ok guys…

This is it – the last milestone.  I’m actually starting to get a little excited. Just a little. Can you tell?  🙂            Read More

[-$12,000] Mind Shift

The Job

We got our answer about the layoff rumors. Layoffs took place over three days where I work. Everyone was nervous, but there was nothing for us to do but keep working until we heard something one way or another. In the end, our floor was spared. We got the all-clear from the leadership on day three.        Read More